Wednesday, July 8, 2009

January 29, 1964
How do I feel when I read these letters? The memories come rushing back and the emotions I feel cannot be described. To be loved like Warren loved me is a once in a lifetime thing. He always did whatever it took to take care of his family.

Hello Baby,Got your letter today that you wrote Sunday. The one with Donny's letter in it. I think he needs more practice on the typewriter. It was real cute.You asked about Daddy - yes, he is getting homesick and I think he wants to come home, but just what he will do - I don't know. Don't say anything to Momma about what I said. That is their business. I don't think Daddy will stay the full time.Darling, I understand what you meant about me staying here till the job is done. I can't afford to come home. As long as I know you love me, I'll stay. I want to get those cotton-picking bills paid, so we can all have something and enjoy each other. I think it is best to finish. I't won't be too long. I just miss you a lot. Just you remember that you are my whole life and I'll be coming back to you. I want you and I need you, but we will just have to tough it out. OK?Well, how are things going with you? Does working make the time go faster? Hope so. How are the boys doing? Is the car running alright? Tell everyone hello for me and that I will write first chance I get.Baby, I love you. It's just like a shot in the arm every time I get a letter from you. Don't tell nobody, but I kiss them when I read them. Just crazy about you, I guess.Well, got to get my laundry gathered up for them for in the morning, so I will close loving you, missing you, wanting you and thinking of you always. Kiss my boys. Tell them I love them. Goodnight, Darling.Love you always, Warren

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