Wednesday, July 8, 2009

January 28, 1964
Warren was 27 years old and we would be married 5 years in July of 1964. As I sit here putting this letter on my blog, the tears come.........

Hello Slave,So, they called you back to work. Well, it might make the time go faster. If it does, that's good. But don't try to work too much and if they give you any stuff, tell them where to go with their old job. How long will it be for? It might help us these first couple of months.Just got off work, came home (if you can call this home), took a cold shower, read your letter and decided I would write a bit before I go to eat. Don't have much to say, but I'm writing anyway. Just because I love you.Don't know why Momma hasn't received more letters. Daddy writes practically every time I do. She'll probably get them all at once.You tell Donny not to cry because I'll be home very soon. Tell him I love and miss him.Baby, I'm getting a little hungry so I'll close for now. Maybe something will hapen while I'm eating and I'll have something to write about other than how much I love you and that could go on forever. Back later -It's later now, got my stomach full. Didn't help much because I still miss you. I think about you all the time. I get a big lump in my throat sometimes thinking about you. I love you so much. You don't need to worry about me. I'm all yours and I'll be coming straight to you when I finish this mess. We've got some living coming to us. I'm gonna treat you like you've never been trated before. You are the only one for me Baby. I mean everything I say.Well, I guess I'll close for now and get ready for bed. Might go get a glass of milk or something. I sure miss raiding the ice box at night. This place is like a prison, but the pay is better. I'll go now and I will try to write again tomorrow. Kiss my boys and tell them I love and miss them. Goodnight Baby. I'll be dreaming of you.Love You All The Way, Warren

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