Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big Green Frog

The Big Green Frog

Picture it! Venezuela, 1964.

Warren arrived in Cabimas, Venezuela in January of 1964. Someone picked him up from the airport in Maracaibo and they drove to Cabimas. He was dropped off at his "new home" - a one-room apartment over a Chinese restauant. The ceilings were very high and it had the basic furniture in it. He threw his keys on the top of the dresser and the sound of them hitting the wood echoed throughout the room.

It was a dull and dismal room but had clean sheets and towels. Besides, he would not be in that apartment much because he would be working long hours. The first night he went down to the restaurant and ate dinner then back to his room for a shower and to bed. He had "to take a leak" (as he put it) and while he was standing at the toilet doing his business, a huge green sucking frog landed on his chest.

Let your imagination finish this story!

True story - written by Judy McCoy

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