Wednesday, July 8, 2009

January 23, 1964

Warren's Dad was in Venezuela with him for a very short time. Warren really missed his family and especially me. I was very lucky to have had this man. In reading this letter again, it seems that there must have been something between us before he left that caused me to apologize to him for being cold to him. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and the past is just that - the past.

Hi Baby,
I just read your letter you wrote on the 17th, the one Donny dictated to you. I thought that was cute. Tell him I will write him another one this weekend. You said in your letter that you hoped I wouldn't get tired of you telling me how much you love me. Well, when you stop, I will be very upset. I love to hear it, so you just keep it up. OK?I didn't write last night because I was out of paper. Daddy didn't bring any so he has been using mine and that's why I ran out so fast. I'm like you, the more I write, the closer you seem to me. So, I'll try to write very often. Sometimes I am pretty tired and when I write I make mistake after mistake. It's awfully hot here during the day and I'm pooped when I come in, so please bear with me if I miss one or two. It's not because I'm not thinking about you. Just tired.Darling, my love for you is very strong. It always has been and always will be. As far as you being cold to me, forget it. Maybe I deserved it. Anyway, it is in the past. You know, I was pretty bad sometimes myself. So I figure I got what was coming to me. The main thing is a fact - we love each other and that's what counts. When I say love, I really mean love. Boy! I love you. I'll put my arms around you and love you to death, you'll see. Anytime you think I don't, ask me. You really make my world go around. You're with me night and day, where ever I go. I think it's just wonderful loving you the way I do. Remember what I said a long time ago - all the way or none at all. That's the way it is.There's really nothing to write about. I'm doing pretty good on the job, which brings me to something else. I'll never go on another overseas job without you. You can bet on that. It's not fair for either of us or the kids, so we might as well plan on buying you some suitcases. Does that sound alright with you? It's a promise.Well, I'm going to close now, but I'll be thinking of you just the same. Kiss the boys for me and tell everybody hello. Tell Mama and your folks I send my love. I love you deeply,
Goodnight for tonight.Love you all the way, Warren

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