Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wedding of Michael Ray and Tiffany Kay

Tiffany and Mike on wedding day in September of 1999.

My new daughter

Michael Warren holding is daughter, Ireland just after her birth.

Michael and Grandchildren

Michael Ray with his grandson, Connor and his new granddaughter, Ireland.

Ireland's Birth

Ireland and her Dad.  Michael actually delivered her.

Michael Ray McCoy's Graduation from Police Academy

1981 - Chief Lee Brown and new Houston Police Officer Michael Ray McCoy

Ireland Myla Ann

Great Granddaughter of Warren and Judy McCoy.
Granddaughter of Michael Ray McCoy
Daughter of Michael Warren McCoy

Maddie and Connor

Granddaughter, Madeline Kay and Great Grandson Connor Warren

Michael Ray McCoy

Michael Ray McCoy

Mike, Tiffany and Madeline McCoy

Mike, Madeline and Tiffany McCoy

75th Birthday for Judy


Growing old!  Judy at 74 here. 

Mike and Judy

Mother and Son

Mother and Son

Donald Mack McCoy and Judy McCoy

Connor Warren

Connor Warren Rice McCoy - The beautiful great grandson of Warren and Judy McCoy.

The "Boys" and Mom

Donny, Mike and Judy.  She loves "her boys" 2014

Great grandson and Judy

Grandkids and Great Grandkids

This is Judy McCoy with her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Left:  Maegan and Connor, Center:  Judy and Lincoln, Right: Michael and Ireland. Behind sofa:  Madeline.