Thursday, August 6, 2009

10-27-91 Donny, Warren & Mike McCoy
Warren McCoy - he always made sure Judy was driving a clean car.
Warren Weldon McCoy
Warren Weldon McCoy and Adam Lowry. Taken in October of 1998. Warren passed away the following March.
Another classic Warren McCoy!
Warren, Donny and Mike entertaining at Christmas!
Donald Mack McCoy at age three
Michael Ray McCoy in kindergarten in Venezuela
Michael Ray McCoy's Senior Picture. Handome young man!
Adam Lowry and Mike McCoy - lifelong friends
Maegan Jo McCoy and Michael Warren with Trader (Warren's beloved dog)
Michael Warren at age 8
Warren Weldon McCoy - taken at Thanksgiving in 1994 while in Florida.
Judy McCoy - 1972
Warren and Donny McCoy - 1986
Michael Warren - taken in San Francisco about 1982
Maegan Jo McCoy, daughter of Michael Ray McCoy
Michael Warren (Michael Ray's son)
Classic Donny!
Judith Lee McCoy - taken about 1978
Donald Mack McCoy - yes, hat on!
Donald (Donny) Mack McCoy (third from left) receiving a Boy Scout Award!
Donald Mack, Warren Weldon and Michael Ray McCoy
Ursula Sandridge Schumaker Murhpy. About 17 here - mother to Judith Lee McCoy
Judy McCoy aboard the original African Queen Boat. She had the boat brought in for the Summer Boat Show - about 1987.
January 15, 1991 - Michael Ray McCoy
Taken about 1986. Yes, that is the actor Jon Voight on the left. Unknown girl and then Donny McCoy and Judy McCoy. Jon was in for The Winter Ball and we took him out to party one night.

Warren Weldon McCoy - this is "classic Warren!"
Donald Mack McCoy - April 19, 1964. Donny's 5th Birthday. In June we left for Venezuela!
Michael Warren - son of Michael Ray McCoy!
Donny at age 4 and Mike at age 5 months.
Still in a temper fit!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Donny McCoy and this is a temper fit!!!!
As always, Donny with his hat on! Mom, Judy McCoy, is getting a flute lesson!
Michael Ray McCoy. Bath sure felt good!
Donny, Warren and Mike

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Christmas in Venezuela - looks like Warren is having as much fun as the boys. This was a race car set and if I remember right, we were up at 5:00 a.m. on this day.
Warren and Judy McCoy - taken in the 60s in Venezuela! Good looking couple.
Donny and Mike McCoy - always the cut-ups. Yes, this was very good soup!
Michael Warren - son of Michael Ray - looks a little lost here. His grandma took him to see Sesame Street.
We were living at 410 Lincoln Street in Deer Park, TX when this was taken. Donald Mack McCoy was the perfect Boy Scout - his Dad taught him how to dress sharp and how to look sharp. To this day (August 5, 2009), Donny still dresses sharp and looks sharp!!
Michael Ray McCoy with Santa!
Michael Ray McCoy - had just become a Houston Police Officer!
Sweet Magean Jo McCoy - daughter of Michael Ray.
Don McCoy - played Earthquake McGoon in his Senior Play!
Michael Ray and Donald Mack McCoy. There were NO video games at this time!
One the right sits Judith Lee Schumaker Murphy McCoy. She was a young girl of about seven or so. Her mom had worked hours on Judy's white organdy dress and matching bonnet. The dress had pink rosebuds embroidered all over it. This was Easter Sunday - soon after this picture was taken, Judy asked her mom if she could wait outside until time to go to church. Her mom told her to sit quietly on the front porch and to not get her dress dirty. The porch was big and high. Just below the porch was a flowerbed full of beautiful roses. Well, Judy fell off the porch and landed in the rosebushes - her dress was snagged and she was bleeding from the thorns - guess you can finish this story.
Michael Ray McCoy - just minutes from changing into a monster!
1969-70 Escuela Privada Americana school picture taken in Venezuela.
Donald Mack McCoy - taken at his grandma's house. He always wore a hat!