Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Message From Heaven

After Warren died, I wondered what he would be thinking as he looked down on his family. I wrote this poem as though he were saying the words from Heaven. I found this poem tucked away in my baby book - I am pretty sure that I wrote it just after his death.

You'll find things missing in your life for a while,
Such as your happiness, your laughter and your smile.

Your days will be without purpose and your nights very long.
You'll feel that in your heart you'll never hear a song.

Our home will seem silent, empty and blue
Because I am no longer there with you.

But, my love, I am here to tell you these things will pass and go away
Little by little each and every day.

You will feel great comfort knowing I am preparing for our new and wonderful life,
Where you and I will eternally be husband and wife.

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