Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Warren

Thursday, October 28 was Warren's birthday. He would have been 74. On March 22, it will be eleven years since his death. His beautiful family still flourishes and a lot of that is due to Warren. He taught "his boys" how to love a family and how to create pride within the McCoy family. He has missed so much, but as his beautiful Granddaughter, Maddi, says - "It's ok Nana. He can see us." So I know that he is watching Maddie grow, watching Michael become a wonderful man with a wonderful wife. He is watching as Maegan is happy with her life. He is watching me and I feel his presence every day. He sees his son, Mike and his son Donny and I am sure he is smiling and beaming with joy. He helped raise two very fine men. He will always be missed but so many memories of him walk across my mind every day. (Posted by Judy McCoy, wife of 42 years).

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